100Upon opening the invitation you will be asked to meet our agent to discuss your requirements

Once you are happy with the package we will start the game at your request.

See past member’s comments and testimonies

“I thought this was just a basic game package that would be a little fun.. I was wrong. This changed not only the gifted but also my life”

“I purchased this, as a birthday present for my husband as he worked so hard thinking he might like this. At first he said I have no time for games.. But it did not matter.. I had purchased the game and I was the one in control.. I initiated the start and have never looked back.. my husband and I spend more time together, he delegates now as apposed to taking everything on himself.. thank you CRS”

“Seen the film and though it would be good to find out how close this was to the real thing.. Taking away the serious stuff like controlling bank accounts and other assets I can honestly say the strange things that happened certainly gave me food for thought. It’s amazing how they can manipulate situations from deep emotions to shallow thoughts.. worth the money, yes. Worth the experience, damn yes”

“I went on what I though was a challenge for charity and ended up in a totally different world.. I have never been happier and could not believe where I have travelled and what I have achieved just from buying this experience”

“I purchased this through a friend that had already had a CRS experience and to be honest I thought he might have hyped this up. I can assure you I was wrong. I work in banking and the stress and thoughts of money every day (even though I had enough financial security not to keep thinking about financial security) I was obsessed and thought only of working and earning and not enjoying life. CRS in someway (that I still cant work out) used my obsession to control and guide me. Since my experience I have totally changed my lifestyle and look at life’s perspective. Money is a figure in a bank, life is for living”

“Sometimes my husband came home and wished the world would end.. I knew he was working too hard and was suffering from the beginnings of depression.. We were financially well off but our personal relationship came 2nd. Family came 3rd and I knew we would not last if something were not implemented immediately

I booked a meeting with CRS and told them my story. They described the best cure and we went ahead with the plan.

Since then, my husband spends quality time with me and the children as if it was his last year on earth.. I don’t know how they do it but its done and that’s that.. Thanks you CRS”