What We Do

what we doCRS help people solve problems and guide individuals who may have found themselves in life’s ruck or find it hard to get off the mouse ball and cycle of working life. Where earning money and sleeping become the only two things in life and loved ones and time for others are back seated.

CRS have been producing and delivering games since 2010, where participants from all backgrounds (see testimonies) need a little “me time” celebrities to wealthy businessmen, a gift from a loved one or a morale booster for a staff member. Whatever reason someone enters our office, you can be sure that their expectations are met and exceeded. This is a discreet service that is designed to deliver life changing scenarios and thought processes.

Based on the original story line from the film “the game” with a twist of levels, you will find yourself playing for just one day or unlimited days… what you order you will receive.

Have a look at some of our game levels and scenarios and talk to the former participants on their experiences.
Change someone’s life today and get him or her an experience they will never forget.

The next step up from our pre-scheduled games are the ones that will change a person’s life in incalculable ways.
Depending on what you order, CRS will implement these small changes that will initially not be noticed but will start to direct and control the participant in ways they will never know but achieving the final plan.

Fed up at seeing a loved one constantly work for money and power, becoming obsessed with only these two things in life. CRS will open them up to a new venture and direction. “Putting life in perspective” as we say.